myTRUId for Safety, Security and Contact Tracing

Smart Solutions for safety and security of personnel within both corporates and retail in current times of uncertainty & risks due to Covid-19 pandemic

About myTRUId

The safety and security of personnel within both corporates and retail has become a point of utmost importance in current times of uncertainty & risks due to  Covid-19 pandemic. Need of the hour is to provide smarter safety solutions for employees, visitors, customers etc. that are CONTACTLESS and are also cost effective and simple to implement.

"myTRUId" is a Contact–Less Employee Time & Attendance System that comes with online appointment and an in-built CONTACTLESS Visitor Management System (VMS) system. For Retail businesses, it provides online appointment and visitor management system. myTRUId can manage both pre-scheduled visitors and walk-ins with a lot of ease and convenience.

  • Time & Attendance System
  • Visitor Management System
  • Appointments
  • myTRU Faith
  • COVID-19
Contactless Time & Attendance System

myTRUId solution is an innovative cloud-based identity management system for organizations to offering state-of-the-art Time & Attendance management for employees. It includes a configurable web-based application & an innovative Mobile App.

Contactless Visitor Management System

myTRUId helps organisations in providing Safe and a Secure workplace without causing inconvenience to employees, guests, visitors, clients and vendors in a cost-effective manner.


Contactless Appointments

A contactless myTRUId Appointment solution helps corporates to take their workplace one step closer to safety.

myTRUId- Faith

myTRUId-Faith helps people to visit their place of worship with safety and security with following all Covid protocols.


How myTRUId Works in COVID-19

Slowing the Virus

Eliminate crowded waiting areas by letting your customers book their appointments remotely from their app.

Preventing Contamination

As customers use their mobile phones to manage their appointments, we use touchless services that put people in contact with registers, note books, Pens, public screens, buttons etc.

Protection in Few Minutes

All you need is an internet connection and few minutes to go touchless and begin safeguarding your business. No hardware required.